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On the 22nd March 2017, the Health Service Executive and HIMSS Europe presented the second Executive Leadership Summit and Dinner in Ireland. The exclusive event brought together CIOs, CCIOs and key influencers  from across the UK and Ireland to explore IT strategies that deliver excellence and facilitate collaboration in health and social care settings.

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The Summit provided a truly unrivalled peer to peer experience, which saw delegates work together through a packed agenda designed to maximise learning opportunities and sharing of best practice and provide future leaders of our health and care services to learn the skills they need to deliver on the challenges set before them.

Key topics focused on:

  • Leading Through Times of Change
  • Business and Cultural Change
  • Benchmarking and Measuring Change
Confirmed speakers included: 
Richard Corbridge, CIO, HSE and CEO eHealth Ireland, 
Sean Donaghy, Director eHealth & External Collaboration, Health & Social Care Board, N Ireland, 
Johan Waktare, CCIO Liverpool Heart & Chest NHS Hospital, 
John Rayner, Regional Director, HIMSS Analytics

For the first time ever, the event also featured a truly unique Leadership Workshop in partnership with HIMSS CHIME International, focused on ‘Developing Talent and Effective Teams & Building Networks’.


Simon Harris, Minister for Health, Ireland said: “The recognition the HSE is now beginning to get for its digital agenda has been reinforced by HIMSS deciding to host its Executive Leadership Summit in Dublin for the first time. The building blocks the HSE has put in place in 2016 have begun a journey of digital transformation and the HIMSS event is recognition of this and the leadership associated with its achievement. I am delighted that speakers from across the globe will come to Dublin and hear of Ireland's progress on embracing digital health to support a safer, more efficient and patient-centred service." 
Richard Corbridge, CIO HSE and CEO, eHealth Ireland said: “The HIMSS event is the culmination of a week of events that will showcase digital innovation to the public of Ireland. This will allow us to begin to understand how by embracing the concepts of digital and innovation, health and well being can be supported to be safer, more efficient and with the patient at the centre." 
Louise Geraghty, CCIO Clinical Practice Support Nurse: “Inspirational day recognizing the contribution of clinical leadership and innovation as part of the success towards technology enabling healthcare to best serve our patients. To ensure success release and backfill.” 
100% of delegates would recommend to a colleague and 95% said they would put their learnings into practice.” 
Yvonne Goff, CCIO, HSE: "HIMSS hosting its Executive Leadership Summit in Dublin for the first time in Ireland exhibits the global recognition Ireland is receiving on our successes, digitally transforming how we deliver healthcare. Fascinating insights from speakers describing their digital journey and how critical it is for CIOs and CCIOs to collaborate and innovate".


Benefits of attending the Executive Leadership Summit

  • Make connections with colleagues and new contacts. The invite-only friendly and relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to network and interact
  • Learn about of experiences from within Ireland as well as from the UK
  • The private event is free to attend for all delegates at the Summit as well as other members of the healthcare IT community

Executive Leadership Summit
Conrad Hotel, Dublin
22nd March 2017 (8:45am - 5pm) 

Executive Leadership Summit Dinner
Special Venue, Dublin
22nd March 2017 (7pm-10pm)